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Frontpage dan Jurnalisme

Frontpaging issues to the public via TV series

PETALING JAYA: Sponsoring a TV series about journalists and the running of a newspaper may seem strange for a company which manufactures biscuits, but for The Munchy’s Group, it is a good way to promote public awareness of issues that affect society.

Its chief executive officer C.K. Tan said the company was committed to helping Malaysians enjoy the very best entertainment with a strong societal context.

People behind the series: (From left) Jehan Miskin, director Kabir Bhatia, NTV7 brand management, business development, marketing and communications general manager Airin Zainul, Star Publications managing director Datin Linda Ngiam, Nell Ng, Cheryl Samad, Nurakhtar Mohd Amin, Tony Eusof, ntv7 CEO Datuk Anthony Bujang, Juita Viden group executive director Francis Foo, and Tan.

“While we are keen to help them be sensitive and responsive to the issues that trouble our society, we want to also celebrate life and happiness with them,” he said.

“As we mature in this society, and our industry, we do not shy away from the hurdles of everyday life and the world around us.

“Munchy’s is a responsible citizen, and as such it will promote public awareness of issues that trouble society, issues that are relevant to all of us and, ultimately, offer a thought provoking platform that will enable our society to think hard and smart on how to make our world a better place to live – for us and our children,” said Tan in an interview.

Munchy’s is the sponsor of the new television series titled FRONTPAGE. The drama is based on the life of journalists in a fictional newspaper called “The Voice.”

The series is a product resulting from a partnership between The Star, Juita Viden and ntv7.
Tan noted that FRONTPAGE was about bringing issues to the public in an entertaining and engaging way.

“This is an all-Malaysian show, featuring an all-Malaysian cast. It has a solid story line with unique plots every week. Hopefully, the issues that the show deals with will trigger a positive response from all of us on educating ourselves and our children to become more responsible and caring citizens,” he added.

Established in 1991, Munchy’s products are now manufactured at a state-of-the-art facility in Batu Pahat, Johor. Its products are available in over 50 countries. Munchy’s is the number one wafer producer and second largest biscuit producer in the country, both in terms of volume and value. With about 1,000 employees, Munchy’s recorded a revenue of RM230mil last year.
Tulisan berikut dipetik dari The Star online, Friday October 17, 2008 di

Cheryl Samad plays an ambitious girl on FRONTPAGE

Cheryl Samad’s character in FRONTPAGE - a rookie reporter - is just like her.
For over 10 years, Cheryl Samad has gathered a lot of experience hosting TV shows and acting in a string of drama series. In fact, Cheryl is considered an “old pro” on TV. She has appeared in numerous commercials including for Colgate, Ovaltine and EON. At 16, she hosted children’s programme The Marvellous Hour; she has worked as an MTV VJ, hosting MTV Pulse and MTV No Limits; the bubbly personality was the brand endorser for Whisper and Levi’s. And she has hosted Malaysian Idol, Nescafe Kick-Start and cur­­rent­ly hosts TV3’s Muzik Muzik.

Despite that, the actress believes the exposure she has gained by being on Ntv7’s FRONTPAGE has been most fulfilling.
In the local crime investigative TV drama series, the bubbly actress plays the role of rookie reporter Nerina Rehman. She said it has been an eye-opener as she has learnt the inner workings of investigative journalism.

“Director Kabir Bhatia and scriptwriter Mira Mustaffa created the show based on stories and actual headlines which have appeared in Malaysian newspapers. Although the show has been dramatised, I think investigative journalism is quite exciting,” said Cheryl in a phone interview recently.

FRONTPAGE, a joint venture of The Star, Ntv7 and production house Juita Viden, is a weekly TV series starring Bernie Chan, Tony Eusoff, Jehan Miskin, Nell Ng and Nurakthar Mohd Amin. Each week, a different case makes the headlines in a top daily newspaper, The Voice.
Cheryl, 28, explained the series’ plus point was it comprised different story lines weekly, enabling her to showcase her acting prowess.

“It is a refreshing change as there are different story ideas every week. Apart from that, it has been really great working with the other cast members as they are dedicated and hard working,” said Cheryl, who has previously played lead roles in drama series Ghost, Astana Idaman and Island Cast, and whose telemovie credits include RM8888 and Culik.

The Ampang-born girl found it relatively easy slipping into her role because Nerina’s character - ambitious and confident - is similar to her own character.

“Nerina is a fresh graduate who oozes with confidence. She has new ideas and is impressionable. However, she only learns that being a journalist isn’t easy when she is thrown into the deep end and has to cover hard crime stories,” said Cheryl.

This week’s episode titled MMS is about a man called Jin who tries to chat up a girl in a night club. When the girl ignores him, he tells his buddy Black that he wants to teach the girl a lesson. The next day, Black receives an MMS of the same girl being tortured and killed. Nerina and colleague Dylan Pereira (Jehan Miskin) go undercover to find out who committed the heinous crime.

FRONTPAGE airs on Ntv7 every Sunday at 10pm.

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